Camper Guidelines

1. Do everything to the glory of God. Christian respect is expected of ALL CAMPERS at all times. Be polite, considerate and sportsmanlike.


2. Boys are not allowed in Girls’ cabins. Girls are not allowed in Boys’ cabins.


3. Campers must remain in their cabins after Lights Out.


4. Campers may not leave the campgrounds at any time.


5. Campers must remove hats during worship and meals.


6. Campers should wear nametags at all times during the day in order
to get to know each other better.


7. Campers are not allowed to use electronic devices.


8. Every cabin will serve the Lord with a turn at helping with chores at camp when asked.


Counselor Guidelines

1. Remember we are the representatives of our Lord and Savior in all we do. Our words, motives, actions, and attitudes reflect a love for Jesus and His children.


2. We are responsible for precious and valuable children. Please be aware of where they are at all times.


3. Rules and guidelines must be followed. The motivation and attitude is one of love for God and His children.


4. Bell will ring to signal time for period changes.


5. Cabin Cheers – you and your campers are in charge of putting together a cheer for your cabin to be performed at the Saturday night campfire. It should include your cabin name or your group name. Please limit the time to a maximum of two minutes.


6. Teen help free time is Friday night after campfire. Adult help free time is Saturday night after campfire.


7. Cabin must be cleaned and lanyards must be collected before your campers are allowed to leave. (May collect lanyards Saturday night)


8. Camp t-shirts are handed out Saturday night. Make sure your campers wear them on Sunday.


9. Breakfast on Sunday is available at two times, 7:30-8:15 and 9:00-9:45.


10. Items to be aware of:
    •  Medications/Allergies
    •  First Aid/Nurse
    •  Water Needs
    •  Heat Issues- Sunscreen and Bug Repellent
    •  Pool Safety and Watchfulness
    •  Set Pool Times for Campers and Counselors
    •  Cabin Times and Lights Out
    •  In Cabin Times for Counselors
    •  Knowledge of Schedule
    •  Sunday schedule – breakfast times, worship rehearsal, church service, and camp cleanup